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We have worked with companies in the energy, logistics, transport, manufacturing, business services, retail, IT, software, hospitality and financial industries.

Our campaigns have ranged from brand awareness, product launch, rebranding, social media marketing and management, influencer marketing, email, referral, and video to one-off content creation.


HLI Rail & Rigging

HLI was seeking to launch an email marketing campaign to address the growing demand within the power logistics industry in the USA.


Aaktr Digital made many inquiries selling the new value proposition and it resulted in many meetings with top utility and energy companies in the USA.


Hitachi Energy

After a successful referral, we began working on market research reports for Hitachi Energy.


These reports  have provided them with key market insights and analysis that have been helpful to their operations.



We have been running multiple social media campaigns and managing campaigns and social media accounts for ChairX.

We began working with them when they were struggling on how to scale internationally.


Within one year we doubled the firm's revenues and expanded international membership from 15% to 40%.

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